Mahjong Games

The Mahjong Huntress
The Mahjong Huntress [2016-02-04]

Become the Mahjong Huntress!

Download The Mahjong Huntress for Mac (146.9 Mb)

Mahjong Christmas 2
Mahjong Christmas 2 [2015-12-15]

Are you ready to dive into a winter fairytale?

Download Mahjong Christmas 2 for Mac (36.9 Mb)

Lost Amulets: Stone Garden
Lost Amulets: Stone Garden [2015-12-08]

Collect powerful gems to restore harmony to nature!

Download Lost Amulets: Stone Garden for Mac (67.2 Mb)

Halloween Night Mahjong
Halloween Night Mahjong [2015-10-30]

Enjoy a new Mahjong game with a Halloween atmosphere!

Download Halloween Night Mahjong for Mac (38.6 Mb)

Halloween Stories: Mahjong
Halloween Stories: Mahjong [2015-10-21]

Help Prince Jack rescue his stolen bride!

Download Halloween Stories: Mahjong for Mac (48.8 Mb)

Mahjong Gold 2: Pirates Island
Mahjong Gold 2: Pirates Island [2015-10-15]

William Kidd's treasure awaits you!

Download Mahjong Gold 2: Pirates Island for Mac (56.2 Mb)

Mahjong Carnaval 2
Mahjong Carnaval 2 [2015-10-01]

It's time to go to the carnaval!

Download Mahjong Carnaval 2 for Mac (55.1 Mb)

Sakura Day Mahjong
Sakura Day Mahjong [2015-09-23]

Over 100 Mahjong levels to suit any taste!

Download Sakura Day Mahjong for Mac (47.8 Mb)

Laruaville 2
Laruaville 2 [2015-08-05]

Help ghosts return the Moon to the sky!

Download Laruaville 2 for Mac (94.7 Mb)

Jurassic Mahjong
Jurassic Mahjong [2015-03-10]

Mahjong in the age of the dinosaurs!

Download Jurassic Mahjong for Mac (42.2 Mb)

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