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Pirate's Solitaire 3

Pirate's Solitaire 3 for Mac Game

The Jolly Roger is raised and adventures in the Caribbean are about to begin... But where’s the pirate treasure? Maybe Captain Flint’s map holds the answer? No! The cards of Pirate's Solitaire know the answer - 120 unique solitaire layouts in which you’ll have to search for the pirate gold! This is classic solitaire with a new and unique mechanic – collect pairs of cards by using bonuses: mulligan, shuffle and joker. Any card on the table provides a reward, and a special multiplier can make it far more valuable. You say you’re an experienced sea dog? Then select "Sea Dog" difficulty and complete the 12 locations over again, but with new rules!


  • Enjoy unique game mechanics – choosing pairs of cards
  • Use various bonuses – mulligan, shuffle and joker
  • Collect bonus cards and 15 colorful trophies
  • 12 locations, 120 levels and multiple difficulty modes
  • Play Pirate's Solitaire 2

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Pirate's Solitaire 3 for Mac OS X Pirate's Solitaire 3 for Mac OS X Pirate's Solitaire 3 for Mac OS X

System Requirements:
OS: Mac OS X 10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7
RAM: 256 MB
Free Hard Drive: 50 MB

* This game is available for PC