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Rescue Friends Solitaire

Rescue Friends Solitaire for Mac Game

Through countless years, the lands of the Tree of Life have weathered a great deal of hardship — fires, floods, and even a volcanic eruption have wrought destruction on them. Nonetheless, each time Luan the fox managed to save the forest. Nature, however, has more in store. Now, a dark and tenacious disease has burst forth from the bowels of the earth, poisoning everything it touches. The soil has become arid and infertile, and the trees have started to rot and wither. All the lands around the Tree suffer from the disease. The forest’s guardian spirits are unable to face the problem on their own, and the Tree of Life is losing its healing power. Only Luan has the power to prevent this destruction. But that’s not all... Join Luan on this solitaire puzzle adventure and master 200 levels to help the forest spirits in their fight against the mysterious disease to save the forest!


  • Fun solitaire challenges throughout
  • Story chronicling the battle of the forest spirits
  • Atmospheric levels with many fantastic backgrounds
  • Create maximum combos to get bonuses
  • Oodles of bonuses and in-game helpers

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Rescue Friends Solitaire for Mac OS X Rescue Friends Solitaire for Mac OS X Rescue Friends Solitaire for Mac OS X

System Requirements:
OS: Mac OS X 10.15/10.14
RAM: 256 MB
Free Hard Drive: 140 MB

* This game is available for PC