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Sudoku Variants

Sudoku Variants for Mac Game

More than 500 levels of Sudoku in 4 different styles await! Anti-Diagonal, Argyle, Sudoky DG, and Bricks, all solvable with 100% logic – no guesswork needed! Sudoku Variants puts a spin on classic Sudoku with slight rule changes that will challenge your way of thinking!


  • 600 Sudoku boards!
  • Helpful hint and error checking features!
  • 4 variants: Anti-Diagonal, Argyle, Sudoku DG, and Bricks
  • No guesswork – just logic!

Free download Sudoku Variants 30.4 Mb
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Sudoku Variants for Mac OS X Sudoku Variants for Mac OS X Sudoku Variants for Mac OS X

System Requirements:
OS: Mac OS X 12.4/11.6/10.15
RAM: 256 MB
Free Hard Drive: 36 MB

* This game is available for PC