Mahjong Games

Laruaville 2
Laruaville 2 [2015-08-05]

Help ghosts return the Moon to the sky!

Download Laruaville 2 for Mac (94.7 Mb)

Jurassic Mahjong
Jurassic Mahjong [2015-03-10]

Mahjong in the age of the dinosaurs!

Download Jurassic Mahjong for Mac (42.2 Mb)

Art Mahjongg Egypt
Art Mahjongg Egypt [2014-06-18]

Journey through Egypt!

Download Art Mahjongg Egypt for Mac (237 Mb)

Mahjong Easter
Mahjong Easter [2014-04-24]

Play Easter-themed Mahjong!

Download Mahjong Easter for Mac (28.1 Mb)

Mahjong Magic Journey
Mahjong Magic Journey [2014-04-17]

Embark on a magical adventure!

Download Mahjong Magic Journey for Mac (48.7 Mb)

Mahjong World Contest 2
Mahjong World Contest 2 [2014-04-08]

Become a World Mahjong Master!

Download Mahjong World Contest 2 for Mac (37 Mb)

Mahjong Secrets
Mahjong Secrets [2014-04-01]

Reveal the royal mysteries with Mahjong Secrets!

Download Mahjong Secrets for Mac (196.3 Mb)

Mahjong Epic 2
Mahjong Epic 2 [2013-12-31]

All the Mahjong you need!

Download Mahjong Epic 2 for Mac (184.1 Mb)

Mahjong Christmas
Mahjong Christmas [2013-12-10]

Have a jolly good time with this addictive solitaire Mahjong game!

Download Mahjong Christmas for Mac (27.9 Mb)

Spooky Mahjong
Spooky Mahjong [2013-10-17]

Take part in a Spooky Mahjong!

Download Spooky Mahjong for Mac (45.9 Mb)

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