Action Games

Storm Tale
Storm Tale [2018-08-16]

A medieval match 3 adventure!

Download Storm Tale for Mac (106.1 Mb)

Spellarium 3
Spellarium 3 [2018-08-07]

The latest Match 3 adventure in the Spellarium series!

Download Spellarium 3 for Mac (72 Mb)

Heart of Moon: The Mask of Seasons
Heart of Moon: The Mask of Seasons [2018-07-12]

Find the Mask of Seasons in an innovative match 3 adventure.

Download Heart of Moon: The Mask of Seasons for Mac (100.4 Mb)

Sausage Bomber
Sausage Bomber [2018-07-10]

Click to drop a sausage bomb and watch the mayhem unfold!

Download Sausage Bomber for Mac (54.7 Mb)

My Pretty Kitty
My Pretty Kitty [2018-04-09]

A wonderful blend of match 3 and Tamagochi!

Download My Pretty Kitty for Mac (49.4 Mb)

Monster Toons
Monster Toons [2018-03-30]

Match cute monsters in rows!

Download Monster Toons for Mac (174.5 Mb)

Spellarium 2
Spellarium 2 [2017-11-28]

Help the wizard create a new element!

Download Spellarium 2 for Mac (62.3 Mb)

Madagascar Circus
Madagascar Circus [2017-10-04]

Join the travelling circus in this match 3 adventure!

Download Madagascar Circus for Mac (73.2 Mb)

MatchVentures [2017-09-26]

Explore the dungeons of Cliffmont Castle.

Download MatchVentures for Mac (222.8 Mb)

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