Match 3 Games

Hiddenverse: Tale of Ariadna
Hiddenverse: Tale of Ariadna [2018-06-19]

Help your comrade find his lost love – Ariadna.

Download Hiddenverse: Tale of Ariadna for Mac (211.6 Mb)

Rune Stones Quest 2
Rune Stones Quest 2 [2018-06-15]

Help restore the ancient city of dwarves.

Download Rune Stones Quest 2 for Mac (119.5 Mb)

Laruaville 7
Laruaville 7 [2018-06-07]

Discover ancient Egypt!

Download Laruaville 7 for Mac (128.6 Mb)

Cubis Kingdoms
Cubis Kingdoms [2018-05-24]

Make matches. Collect elements. Save the world.

Download Cubis Kingdoms for Mac (92.8 Mb)

Dig The Ground
Dig The Ground [2018-05-06]

Excavate the earth in this unique brain teaser!

Download Dig The Ground for Mac (99.8 Mb)

5 Star Hawaii Resort
5 Star Hawaii Resort [2018-05-01]

Show your Aloha spirit and make your dream resort come true!

Download 5 Star Hawaii Resort for Mac (80.8 Mb)

My Pretty Kitty
My Pretty Kitty [2018-04-09]

A wonderful blend of match 3 and Tamagochi!

Download My Pretty Kitty for Mac (49.4 Mb)

Monster Toons
Monster Toons [2018-03-30]

Match cute monsters in rows!

Download Monster Toons for Mac (174.5 Mb)

Artifact Hunter: The Lost Prophecy
Artifact Hunter: The Lost Prophecy [2018-03-28]

Journey around the world in this thrilling match 3 adventure

Download Artifact Hunter: The Lost Prophecy for Mac (85.2 Mb)

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