Match 3 Games

Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales 2
Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales 2 [2018-10-04]

Help break the curse in this hidden object adventure!

Download Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales 2 for Mac (142.9 Mb)

Angkor: Runefall
Angkor: Runefall [2018-09-26]

Save the mage village in this blissful match-3

Download Angkor: Runefall for Mac (99.5 Mb)

Last Resort Island
Last Resort Island [2018-09-18]

Crazy match 3 fun on a whacky remote island!

Download Last Resort Island for Mac (112.2 Mb)

11 Islands
11 Islands [2018-09-11]

Restore prosperity to the tribe of the Eleven Islands!

Download 11 Islands for Mac (22.4 Mb)

The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt
The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt [2018-08-28]

Relive the classic story of faith, family, and forgiveness.

Download The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt for Mac (159.5 Mb)

ClearIt 3
ClearIt 3 [2018-08-26]

New marble shooting challenges ahead!

Download ClearIt 3 for Mac (97.5 Mb)

Rune Lord
Rune Lord [2018-08-23]

Only you can close the gateway and defeat the Ice Golem!

Download Rune Lord for Mac (145.4 Mb)

Jewel Tree: Match It
Jewel Tree: Match It [2018-08-21]

Fun and challenging matching puzzles on every board!

Download Jewel Tree: Match It for Mac (74.5 Mb)

Storm Tale
Storm Tale [2018-08-16]

A medieval match 3 adventure!

Download Storm Tale for Mac (106.1 Mb)

Spellarium 3
Spellarium 3 [2018-08-07]

The latest Match 3 adventure in the Spellarium series!

Download Spellarium 3 for Mac (72 Mb)

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