Brain Teaser Games

I SPY Mystery
I SPY Mystery [2010-03-25]

Put your detective skills to the test!

Download I SPY Mystery for Mac (198.3 Mb)

Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas
Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas [2009-08-24]

Embark upon a fantastic adventure to the Mayan Empire!

Download Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas for Mac (26.7 Mb)

World of Goo
World of Goo [2009-08-10]

Construct towers in a World of Goo!

Download World of Goo for Mac (64.1 Mb)

Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery
Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery [2008-10-09]

Uncover Egyptian Hieroglyphs in this stunning mystery-puzzle adventure!

Download Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery for Mac (20.6 Mb)

Rooms: The Main Building
Rooms: The Main Building [2008-08-20]

Collect items to see the bigger picture.

Download Rooms: The Main Building for Mac (72 Mb)

Sudoku: Latin Squares
Sudoku: Latin Squares [2008-07-30]

Play a new twist on classic Sudoku!

Download Sudoku: Latin Squares for Mac (12.3 Mb)

The Amazing Brain Train
The Amazing Brain Train [2008-05-23]

Power up your intellect and put your brain to the test!

Download The Amazing Brain Train for Mac (27.2 Mb)

Professor Fizzwizzle
Professor Fizzwizzle [2008-05-09]

Puzzle your way past the Rage-bots to help the Professor!

Download Professor Fizzwizzle for Mac (10.3 Mb)

Ocean Express
Ocean Express [2008-02-07]

Cruise the coast with colorful cargo onboard the Ocean Express!

Download Ocean Express for Mac (11.2 Mb)

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery
Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery [2008-01-29]

Help the Professor outwit the Bat-Bots, once and for all!

Download Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery for Mac (13.7 Mb)

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